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About Swanson Services Corporation

We make correctional facilities more efficient, that’s all.

Swanson Services Corporation® is three family generations strong, financially sound, and built on a foundation of superior customer service, innovation and technology. Perhaps the most important distinguishing characteristic we offer is a singular focus on correctional industry efficiency through commissary services, resident banking software and kiosk communication solutions. Making correctional facilities more efficient is what we do—and we believe you’ll find that we do it particularly well.

The advantage of Swanson technology

We develop our own inmate banking software, Cobra Banker®, and we’re the only provider of commissary services that does.

As a practical matter, no other commissary company understands correctional optimization technology like Swanson. That’s quite an advantage when you think about it, and it’s really your advantage. Because after twenty nine years of one innovation after another, Swanson knows how to increase revenue and drive down costs.

A history of long-term, win-win partnerships

You might expect a company that has been around for twenty nine years and claims to be your best choice for commissary services to have a few friends in the industry. Yes we do—more than 600 of them. That number proudly reflects more long-lasting relationships with county and city jails, prisons and other correctional facilities than any Swanson Services Corporation® competitor.

To find out all about us, just ask around

When we develop a proposal for you, we'll provide references that will tell you about our work and our work ethic. But we also invite you to find out about Swanson from among our hundreds of other friends, coast to coast. Ask around.

As you learn about Swanson, we believe you’ll find us to be the kind of company you want as your partner. We don’t claim to be perfect, but we do want you to know that the words “Integrity… Service… Trust” below our logo reflect the principles we’ve worked to since the beginning, and still live by every day.

Customer service like we’re right next door—because we are!

Performed successfully, this is a face-to-face business. It requires the availability of people who have a legitimate concern for your success to meet challenges, solve problems and make sure that the company is fulfilling the obligations of our partnership. That’s why we’ve built eighteen full-service Swanson Service Centers and placed them strategically across the country.